Adult products and ideas from the past : eat raw, pubic toupees and more

Color for the hair “down there”

Remember when hair “down there” was fashionable. Here is a product with no future with all this Brazilian waxing going on. The product was aimed at “Betty’s” I guess. ……. “ Make sure everything matches or just pick a funky color. That’s the theory behind Fun Betty, aka ‘color for the hair down there’. The product is designed to be, ‘the first safe color’ for pubic hair. The five available colors include: FUNbetty (Pink), BROWNbetty, BLONDbetty, BLACKbetty and AUBURNbetty….”


I guess the drapes do not need to match the rug anymore or are we looking at hardwood floor matching?

Pubic toupees

So if you no longer have “hair down there” you can always temporarily decorate. With the creation of Vonk Schaamtoupetten, a pubic hair toupee business. Historically called ‘merkins’, pubic toupees are meant to make up for lost or shaved/waxed/lazered out hair. Vonk is more about the wow factor.


The Cock Glock

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? “…..NRA-loving ladies rejoice, the CockGlock is here. Yeah that’s right, I said it. There is a ladies’ pleasure device shaped like a pistol. ….”

The CockGlock is hand carved and goes for the whopping price of $600.00. Woof. If you can’t please your NRA-loving lady, try giving her this. I’m sure she’ll have a good time, firing off round after round, and never having to wait to reload. Bring peace to your bedroom with the CockGlock today.

What else is there to say? An adult toy in the shape of a gun. Creeepy!

A new take on vegan : the Dildo Maker

Shape your carrots into dildos. And eat them raw….I guess teeth would be allowed in this case. “…….The notion of deriving pleasure from the simple things in life is taken to a whole new level with the introduction of the Dildomaker. Modeled on the iconic 1933 streamlined pencil sharpener by Raymond Loewy, this device enables you to whittle a wide range of ordinary objects into sex toys……”

Chocolate handcuffs : melts around your hands

For domination on Valentine’s Day??? “…..These chocolate handcuffs speak for themselves — if you are looking for a great flirty and naughty gift to surprise your lover with you have found it. Although flowers, dinner and champagne are nice, they are generic. Do something different for that special occasion, weather it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday or simply a random surprise; the chocolate handcuffs will definitely spark a romantic evening…..”

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