Bad (pube) Hair day

The “Winter Coat” Underwear

Be prepared when (and if) body hair comes back in fashion. There is an alternative If your girlfriend went a little overboard with laser and NO hair is left. Faux body hair may be the next beauty must-have.


 Raising Money For Laser Surgery

This is a sad story of a hairy woman who can’t afford to have professional laser hair removal done on herself. Instead, she had started to try and raise the money (and then some) to get her pubic hair zapped. Interested parties could “buy” a single pube for $200 and then display a small ad on her web site. Apparently she had sold 190 hairs. Not sure what happened to her. If she sold all her body hair and retired….Old story but there is never a shortage of oddities past and present on the wb.


 Color For The Hair Down There

Remember when hair “down there” was fashionable. Here is a product with no future with all this Brazilian waxing going on. The product was aimed at “Betty’s” I guess. ……. “ Make sure everything matches or just pick a funky color. That’s the theory behind Fun Betty, aka ‘color for the hair down there’. The product is designed to be, ‘the first safe color’ for pubic hair. The five available colors include: FUNbetty (Pink), BROWNbetty, BLONDbetty, BLACKbetty and AUBURNbetty….”


 From Pubic Hair Transplants to Bushy Signatures

There is a lot going on downstairs these days. Waxing, dying and even funky designing ;anthing goes really. Apparently, just because it’s concealed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of that area. Here are a few interesting ideas.


 CGI pubes : Sienna Miller’s Virtual Extensions

In 2010 Sienna Miller had to undergo digital enhancement for ‘Hippie Hippie Shake,’ a film that takes place in the 1960s. Hippie Hippie Shake is an unreleased British drama film produced by Working Title Films. The film is based on a memoir by Richard Neville, editor of the Australian satirical magazine Oz, Several advance reviews of Hippie Hippie Shake have surfaced across the Internet. Harry Palmer from Ain’t It Cool News said, “There are some predictable scenes, some hammy acting, some bad jokes. (Source Wikipedia)

“The film is set in the swinging 60s when fashion was wild and body hair even wilder,” someone from the movie studio told Daily Mirror. “Unfortunately, Brazilian waxes weren’t common in the 60s and Sienna’s part involved one or two nude scenes – meaning that her grooming habits were on display. A merkin [pubic wig] simply wouldn’t have done the trick, but luckily computer wizardry came to the rescue.

“Sienna’s private parts were enhanced, giving her a rather unruly bush. All the cast had a good giggle about it and stoical Sienna happily played along.”


 My Bikini’ Offers Brazilian Wax Stencils

What a conundrum picking out the perfect shape for your next bikini wax? My Bikini now has stencils available in four shapes, including a heart for the more flamboyant.

No longer do you need to deal with a “bad” wax job. This DIY kit is designed for the more playful at heart who like to add a little spice beneath their bikinis.

My Bikini prides itself on allowing both men and women to lose social standards and have fun with their intimate styling.


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