25 most noteworthy adult toys in 2016: the Adult Toy Report and Review List

25 most noteworthy adult toys in 2016: the Adult Toy Report and Review List

 The 2016 list from our curators and editorial staff.

It’s that time of year again when our Editorial Team looks at all the posts, products and reviews over the past 12 months to figure out the most popular, bizarre or just interesting adult toys for 2016. Sex robots and Virtual Reality have just started to appear and we expect a lot more in 2017. Meanwhile here is our list prepared from readership stats or just items our content curators liked and caught their attention. Nothing scientific or “big data” in this list; just stuff we thought you may like. Enjoy!

Vibrating Panties – Little Black Panties

The vibrating underwear from California Exotic Novelties offers this interesting lingerie\sex-toy combo billed as the perfect compliment to the little black dress. These vibrating panties are a stretch-to-fit sexy lace thong/panty with adjustable satin ties and a secret pocket for secure bullet placement.

 It includes a curved bullet to fit securely against your body and offers 10 vibration settings.  Of course there is a wireless remote included as well.  What fun would vibrating panties be without giving control up to your man?


According to a great review from Olivia here is why we like those: “….. Pros: Fun to use, discreet, fairly sexy, quite comfortable, and actually capable of bringing you to orgasm. The Little Black Panty from California Exotic Novelties is definitely one of the best pair of vibrating panties on the market. Cons: While the bullet and wireless remote are decent, the actual panties themselves are not very durable. You would be lucky to get more than a few uses out of them….”

Vibrating Panties 

 The Fin

This unobtrusive finger vibrator is easy for your partner to wear during foreplay or sex. Dame Products created it to close the “pleasure gap”—the tendency for women to have fewer amazing sexual experiences than men—a mission we can definitely get behind (or, um, in front of).


(Dame products available here)

 We-Vibe Tango

Don’t be fooled by this one’s tiny size: It packs a lot of power. The bullet vibrator has a strong motor that operates in eight modes.


And when you buy it, you’re really getting multiple toys in one, since it fits into other toys to enhance their vibration.

(We Vibe Tango.  available here)

The Womanizer

We love it when an amazing product gets even better but the product description is a MUST READ especially when mentioning Arthritis and wrist issues…..The next generation of the Womanizer, the innovative German-designed clitoral stimulator.

“…..This revolutionary rechargeable sex toy features a focused clitoral suction tip combined with a light, yet incredibly effective, vibration effect, which they call Pleasure Air Technology…..! Its ABS plastic body is topped with a cone shape covered with a removable silicone sleeve; place it over the clitoris for a new kind of erotic ride. The new Pro version offers two exchangeable heads that differ in size and shape; the larger of the two offers wider area coverage, better accommodating people with larger clitorises???. The silicone head even has a light effect so you can see where to place it in the dark! This toy really does all the work for you, so it’s a good choice for people with arthritis or wrist issues;.


Controlled by an on/off Swarovski gemstone button and a silver bar which allows you to scroll through 8 intensity levels. One tap on the on/off button immediately returns you to the lowest setting, allowing you to build up to your orgasm sensually.

 Womanizer, the innovative German-designed clitoral stimulator, is here! Read More

 Pornhub’s Adult Adult Coloring Book

You’ve probably heard of adult coloring books by now, but have you heard of adult adult ones? This is basically porn in coloring-book form, and it explores “themes of sex, body, queerness, gender fluidity and erotic expression,” according to Pornhub.


Now you and your SO can spend your snowy days inside shading in sex parties and even Santa-themed scenes.

(PornHub, available here)

An Unbound Box

You can get this curated assortment of unique, aesthetically-pleasing adult products as a one-time gift or as a subscription, which will deliver something new four times a year. This quarter’s box has sexy notes, lube, aphrodisiac lollipops, and a couple’s vibrator.


And for an extra $6.50, you can get it gift-wrapped in feminist-themed She Paper. It’s a sexy present that will inspire even more sexy gift ideas in the future.

(Unbound Box, available here)

Lovesense’s Teledildonic Sex Toys

Say what you will about 2016, but any year responsible for finding a mainstream way to hook up with your long-distance S.O. can’t be all bad. This teledildonics set helps bridge the Long Distance Relationship gap by using a secure online platform that lets two toys—female, male, or one of each—respond to the other’s touches.


It even connects to an app, making it just a little easier to get together this holiday season.

(Teledildonics, available here)

Hitachi magic Wand: The Sex Toy to Try If You Just Want to Get the Job Done

The Hitachi Magic Wand is arguably the world’s most beloved, foolproof vibrator. It’s reliable, it’s strong, and it feels like no guy ever has or will be able to.


The problem? It plugs into an outlet, making it not-so-portable or convenient to whip out at a moment’s notice, which is exactly where its newer, younger cousin comes in. The Mystic Wand is battery-powered, keeping you prepared at all times.

(Mystic Wand, $68, goodvibes.com)

 Ina : The Sex Toy to Try If You’re Single

If you’re going through a sexual dry spell or recently broke up with a guy, go straight for the big guns. A dual-stimulation toy like Lelo’s Ina will make you forget your ex fast.


With an insertable silicone portion to stimulate internally as well as a separately motorized external attachment for clitoral action, this toy does everything the Rabbit does, without the creepy ears.

(Ina, $159, lelo.com)


The Buzzlet: The Sex Toy to Try If You’re Freaked Out by How They Look

Not so into phallic-looking vibrators? The Buzzlet looks more like an iPod than a sex toy—a big plus if you live with roommates or don’t enjoy getting strange looks from your cleaning lady.


“The Buzzlet has a mod, fun look, and it’s stronger and has more varying modes than many small, portable toys,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., Good Vibrations staff sexologist.

*(Buzzlet, $80, goodvibes.com) *

 Duet Cock ring : The Sex Toy to Try If He Takes a Long Time to Orgasm

Although many women would argue that a guy who lasts all night is a good thing, there are just as many out there thinking, Are you finished yet? If you’d like to speed up the process for your guy, opt for a vibrating ring.


The extra sensation around his package will stimulate his nerve endings and help him reach the finish line quicker. You can buy disposable ones at almost any drugstore in the condom aisle, or pick up the reusable Duet Cock Ring, which has two vibrators attached to it, so you’ll benefit just as much as he will.

*(Duet Cock Ring, $45, babeland.com) *

 Jimmyjane Form2 “ The Sex Toy to Try If You’re Bored With All Your Old Ones

“Go for an unusual shape or vibrator with a unique, advanced function: The Jimmyjane Form 2 is one of our staff favorites,” says Kristen Tribby, national sex educator for the Pleasure Chest.


“Each of its two sides has its own motor, so you can position your clitoris in the middle and customize the sensation by adjusting the different settings.”

(Jimmyjane Form 2, $145, thepleasurechest.com) 

KY: The Sex Toy to Try If You Need Help Getting in the Mood

Lube is one of the most underrated sex toys. Not only does it help during sex by keeping things slippery, but it also helps before sex by helping you get aroused. Place a small drop in your hand (or his) and give yourselves at least five minutes of manual fun before you even think about going further. The texture of the lube will help maximize any sensation and help get blood circulating where it needs to go. One to try: K-Y Brand Yours + Mine. It comes with one lube for you and one for him.

*(K-Y Brand Yours + Mine, $17, k-y.com) *

 The MIMI : The Sex Toy to Try If You Want to Use It During Intercourse

The MiMi vibe is great for anyone who can’t orgasm from intercourse alone. Oh, and BTW: It. Will. Deliver.


It has five vibration and pulsation patterns to choose from and works great with others: “This vibrator is a perfect accompaniment to partner sex—carried in your palm, it fits easily in between your two bodies,” Queen says.

(MiMi, $79, goodvibes.com)


It is a couples’ set that allows you and your long-distance lover to connect nice and close through technology. His toy is a smooth, silicone vibrating cock ring with six sets of ribbed rings for extra pleasure. Her toyis a silicone G-spot stimulator with ribbed trim. Both devices connect to your laptop via USB or to your Nintendo or Wii. Once connected online, you can control one another’s pleasure from anywhere in the world and interact via the screen.
$159 each at Mojowijo.com 

Little chroma

This battery-operated, sleek vibrator was voted the Best in Bed Award by Women’s Health because of its unique etchings, versatile stimulation techniques and the fact that it’s the quietest vibrator on the market today.


Sleek, professional, body safe and travel ready, this toy can practically live in your jacket pocket for use anytime. This is a great go-to for men who are slightly intimidated by toys. It’s non-threatening and easy to use on your woman. Let her show you the way.

$125 at JimmyJane.com


The unfortunately named LovePalz is a Wi-Fi-connected sex toy for you and your partner that basically helps you have sex through Skype, FaceTime or any video service. It comes with two stimulation devices, “Hera” (which looks like a dildo) and “Zeus.”


As you pleasure yourself with your toy, your lover feels it in real time. The toy is connected to an app that has yet to be approved by the Apple Store. The company was rejected from Kickstarter (how prudish is our corporate world?), but has started its own website to fund the toy and take pre-orders. The toys are waterproof, rechargeable and come with an air pump and automatic piston. LovePalz.com


Duet Waterproof USB Rechargeable Vibrator

 What can’t be charged with a UBS chord these days? E-cigarettes, portable mice, iPhones and now vibrators.


This one is simple and merges its elegant design and engineering into the perfect sex toy. The Duet runs for 45 minutes with one full charge. A pretty decent session, don’t you think?
$149 at LoveCrave.com

 Club Vibe

 Club Vibe 2.OH is for those of you freaks who need music to get off. This wireless and USB-rechargeable vibrator can be taken on the go anywhere. It comes with a remote control that has a range of 15-20 feet and lets you control five intensity levels.


This is a fun toy to play with while out in public or with your girl at home. Plus, it has the option to vibe along to the natural noises surrounding you, whether that’s club music, a concert or your and your girl’s voices.
$79.00 at AdamEve.com

 Little platinum

 This is the kind of vibrator that we imagine Princess Kate would use. The Little Platinum Entity is an eco-friendly (it can be purchased with a rechargeable battery), sleek and simple vibrator with multiple stimulation capabilities.


But it’s also encircled with 28 round-cut VS1 diamonds for princess-style pleasure. Travel-ready, waterproof and with silent vibrations, this rich-boy toy also comes in 24K gold, you know, just in case your girl is one of those freaks whose fantasy is to have some gold inside of her.
$3,500 at JimmyJane.com

 Our selection of odd posts :

 Color For The Hair Down There

Remember when hair “down there” was fashionable. Here is a product with no future with all this Brazilian waxing going on. The product was aimed at “Betty’s” I guess. ……. “ Make sure everything matches or just pick a funky color. That’s the theory behind Fun Betty, aka ‘color for the hair down there’.


The product is designed to be, ‘the first safe color’ for pubic hair. The five available colors include: FUNbetty (Pink), BROWNbetty, BLONDbetty, BLACKbetty and AUBURNbetty….”


 From Pubic Hair Transplants to Bushy Signatures

There is a lot going on downstairs these days. Waxing, dying and even funky designing ;anthing goes really.


Apparently, just because it’s concealed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of that area. Here are a few interesting ideas.


My Bikini’ Offers Brazilian Wax Stencils

What a conundrum picking out the perfect shape for your next bikini wax? My Bikini now has stencils available in four shapes, including a heart for the more flamboyant.


No longer do you need to deal with a “bad” wax job. This DIY kit is designed for the more playful at heart who like to add a little spice beneath their bikinis.

My Bikini prides itself on allowing both men and women to lose social standards and have fun with their intimate styling.




Unbelievable adult products and ideas from the past:

Pubic toupees

So if you no longer have “hair down there” you can always temporarily decorate. With the creation of Vonk Schaamtoupetten, a pubic hair toupee business.


Historically called ‘merkins’, pubic toupees are meant to make up for lost or shaved/waxed/lazered out hair. Vonk is more about the wow factor.




A new take on vegan : the Dildo Maker

Shape your carrots into dildos. And eat them raw….I guess teeth would be allowed in this case. “…….The notion of deriving pleasure from the simple things in life is taken to a whole new level with the introduction of the Dildomaker.


Modeled on the iconic 1933 streamlined pencil sharpener by Raymond Loewy, this device enables you to whittle a wide range of ordinary objects into sex toys……”



We thank you for your support and are looking forward to bringing more exciting and interesting Adult Toys Product Reviews in 2017.

Best wishes for 2017!!!



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